frequently asked questions:

What are my photo rights?

You can do anything (basically) with your photos! Although the final edited images are my property, you will have the freedom to use + share them as you wish. With my galleries, you will receive full printing rights which also enables you to download + save + share the images however you wish - so long as the images are never re-edited, and proper photo credit to Sarah Harrison Photography is always provided. 

Do you have a second shooter?

For a small additional fee, I will hire an experienced second shooter for the big day. I highly recommend this option if you'll be working around a tight schedule, or if your wedding day will involve a series of locations. While I am fully capable of photographing your wedding on my own, second shooters can photograph extra candids of guests while I'm doing organized photos. They can also get the same shots from different angles, or make it so simultaneous events can both be documented. 

Should we do a first look? 

Yes, absolutely! Please do. After photographing 100+ weddings, I have learned that the first look is a win-win for so many reasons. To start, it gives you + your new/soon-to-be spouse more time together on your wedding day, and it takes an enormous amount of pressure off the ceremony. It releases nervous jitters like crazy. Having a private moment to see each other and take in the day is a huge blessing. The first look also frees up lots of time on the schedule! It allows us to take care of all the organized wedding photos (bridal party, portraits, and family shots) before the ceremony, which means that after you've officially tied the knot you can be worry free and head straight to your reception! 

Should we prepare a wedding shot list for you? 

Nope, I've got you covered. I will be covering all the details + events + moments I can for as long as I'm booked, and you don't need to worry about listing the specifics for me. If you have a special request, I am always willing to do my best to make your vision come to life. I will guide you throughout the day, gently posing or directing you as needed. The only thing you'll need to worry about regarding a shot list is creating a list of your priority family photo combinations... However, I will guide you through that process as well! 

How much time do we need to schedule for the photos? 

Every wedding day schedule varies depending on the details of the day. In general, I recommend 2+ hours as a minimum for the organized photos (bridal party, portraits, and family shots). This will vary slightly depending on the wedding package you select. If I see a problem with your schedule, I won't hesitate to let you know, and I'll make specific suggestions for any changes that might need to be made. 


I absolutely adore my job. I believe that each wedding day + elopement is a piece of an incredible story, and I make it my responsibility to document that as honestly + naturally as I can. I invest so much of myself into my work, and I care deeply about the images + memories we make together.