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It is a deeply humbling privilege to be your photographer. I am grateful for every teary-eyed, laughter-filled, hurried moment I get to capture for you. I care about your world, your people, your heart, and that's what I seek to reflect through my work. Photos mean the world to me, and I want to fill your life with beautiful snapshots that remind you of the moments you'll cherish forever. Investing in great photos is so worth it. xoxo


I'm Sarah. 

I am a Washington-grown, Oregon-based photographer, potter, and therapist-in-training. I’m a big fan of healthy marriages, working with clay, and people. I think deeply, dream big, and play hard. I believe images and handmade wares can bring people together, and I love being a part of that process. I want to bring you images and objects that evoke feeling, connection, depth. I want to celebrate what is seen, preserve what is felt, and learn through it all.

This is my best friend and partner for life, Daniel.

This is my best friend and partner for life, Daniel.


I want to celebrate you! Your photos will represent who you naturally are & the joy of the day. My presence is mellow, primarily behind-the-scenes, and a little silly. I will direct & guide you when necessary, but mostly just be around to capture everything as it unfolds.